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Owning a staff of about 1000 people who are well-trained and professional from the stage of quotation consultation, survey to construction implementation.


To best meet the needs of customers. Le Phong Moving has invested in a system of many trucks, modern facilities and equipment.


Le Phong Moving specializes in providing the leading professional office moving service in Vietnam and has achieved the best and most prestigious brand name in recent years.


Benefits of customers when using Full office moving service Le Phong Moving.

Save time

Carry out the relocation, packing and transportation safely and on schedule. Helping businesses quickly stabilize their new office business.

Energy savings

The work of loading, unloading, cleaning, dismantling and transporting is carried out by Le Phong Moving from AZ. Businesses just need to observe and experience the service.

Cost savings

We provide clear and detailed quotes to help customers pay super savings and get super excellent office transportation service.

Ensure safety

Ensure the goods are protected after the transportation process. Cam compensates 100% if the problem occurs.


Procedure Full-service office at Le Phong Moving is done according to professional process. Bringing businesses super economical, fast and safe services.

Full office relocation process


4 wheeler

4 wheel trolley

2 wheeler

2 wheel stroller

Hand pallet truck

Hand pallet truck

Carton box

Carton box

Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap







Soft foam

Soft foam




This is a picture of the working activities of Le Phong Moving staff during the transportation process moving office for customers. The images are happy, dedicated and professional working moments of employees.




Le Phong Moving provides a variety of services in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, including:

  • Home-transfer service.
  • Office moving service.
    • Full office relocation.
    • Refund status.
    • Records management.
    • Rent a truck to move the office.
  • Full warehouse moving service.
  • Room transfer service.
  • Truck rental service.
  • Crane rental service.
  • Forklift rental service.
  • Taxi load.
  • Air conditioner installation and removal service.
  • Selling cartons moving house.
  • Warehouse rental service, storage.
  • Warehouse service.
  • Temporary warehouse for rent.
  • Store goods.
  • Document archiving.

Trading name: Le Phong Moving
Number of employees: 100 to 250 people
Phone number: 09 69 69 69 80

Le Phong Moving with set criteria Prestige and quality To the top, with the desire to bring a full-service office moving service with the best quality for you. For that reason, many major customer partners have trusted us to choose our services, some companies such as: Lazada Vietnam, Shopee Vietnam, Yakult Vietnam, Prudential Vietnam, Vietjet Air, Dien Quan Media & Entertainment, FPT Joint Stock Company, Red Sun (Buffy BBQ ), Vietnam Cable Television, California Fitness & Yoga, BIDV Bank, Techcomback… You can be assured of the quality of service.

Le Phong Moving has been striving to become a leading office moving service provider in Vietnam. Thereby, Le Phong Moving company has been honored as the best and most prestigious brand.

Professional office moving service package

If you need to consult and quote the service of returning the current state of your company's office, please fill in the following information immediately, so that the staff can contact you right away.


Package office moving service is an office moving service with all stages of the service provider "contracted" from A to Z, from dismantling, packing office furniture to transportation and installation. place, arrange at the new address.

Using Le Phong Moving's package office moving service, customers are completely assured when they do not have to do any work, but the furniture will still be transported safely and intact to the new office.

Thanks to the professionalism and prestige of the all-inclusive office moving service, it will help you move your office quickly, conveniently, saving time, effort as well as money.

The process of moving office packages from AZ at Le Phong Moving

1. Receive customer information

After contacting, the call center staff of Le Phong Moving will receive information from customers who need to move your office package. The next step is to schedule a direct survey to quote the service price. Along with the cases where the furniture needs to be moved by the customer is small and simple, the operator can advise and quote directly by phone for customers to understand.

In addition, for specific projects, strict requirements of the state Le Phong Moving must meet the customer's steps: survey, make construction plans, prepare bidding documents with representatives of the Board of Management The company comes to present to customers to understand the plan before using the service.

2. Quotation survey and contract signing

Le Phong Moving will send a surveyor to the place to survey the situation. Next, the specialist statistics the volume of the customer's furniture to be moved, estimates the number of employees to perform, calculates the total time to disassemble, assemble, pack records, furniture, quantity of materials and equipment dedicated, estimated number of trips, distance to move, etc.

After the survey, we will make a plan to implement and quote the most reasonable price for customers to use the service. And finally, if the two sides have agreed on all aspects, they will sign a contract to use the office moving service in Ho Chi Minh City.

3. Deploy office transportation work

The trucking force and staff of Le Phong Moving will be present at the scheduled time with the customer and carry out the office moving work in accordance with the specific office transportation plan in the signed contract. And all your furniture, records, office equipment will be carried out by our staff: sorting, dismantling, packing, marking, ... in a scientific way, ensuring safety.

All furniture, office equipment records must be wrapped with suitable materials: Foam, pier film, cloth, carton, ... to protect safety during the process from dismantling, packing until dismantling. when transported to the place of operation of the enterprise.

Owning a team of technical staff of Le Phong Moving are highly skilled and experienced in:

  • Sort, mark, and pack documents.
  • Industrial hygiene, waste treatment.
  • Lifting and lowering heavy furniture up and down difficult positions with specialized equipment: pulleys, cranes, forklifts, etc.
  • Disassemble, assemble, wrap, load and transport office furniture: Tables and chairs, cabinets, shelves, aluminum and glass walls, tempered glass walls, ...
  • Scanner, internet, phone network.
  • Relocating and transporting power equipment: safes, generators, industrial machines,....
  • Dismantle and install IT system: Computer, printer, Photocopy machine, Fax machine,
  • Remove and install specialized storage shelves and file shelves.
  • Installation of electrical, refrigeration and electronic systems.
4. Acceptance and payment.

Finally, when completing and completing all stages in the signed contract of carriage. The customer conducts a re-inspection of all furniture, records, equipment, machinery and property after transportation. And if there are no problems, the customer will proceed to pay the costs as in the contract, then liquidate the contract with the unit.

5. Inquire, collect opinions of customers about service quality

We always pay attention and call to take care of each customer after completing the project to acknowledge the customer's comments to use the service. From those valuable practical suggestions, Le Phong Moving always listens and improves to gradually bring the best service quality to customers using the service.

In order for the office relocation job to be convenient and "cool" right from the start, companies need to make a thoughtful and thorough plan before moving offices.

After planning, the next job is to fix the transfer time, choose a time period suitable for the company, prioritize weekends, non-working days to minimize interruptions, risks may occur, affecting the business activities of the company.

Prepare and arrange furniture to move to the new office, with this stage you only need to pack important items, personal applications, and other items that have been taken care of by a full-service office moving service.

Finally, determine the time to liquidate the old office lease contract, return the premises, transfer the necessary internet and electricity service contracts to the new office address.

Some good experiences when moving office you should know

– Choose a good day to move office: This is one of the valuable experiences for people working as a carrier. You can view the date through horoscope applications or according to the actual situation of the company. But should prioritize the time period that has the least impact on business operations. Because it is certain that when the workplace changes, transactions will be interrupted, and employees will find it difficult to concentrate on work. Therefore, the advice is to choose weekends, or in months with few transactions, depending on the characteristics of the business activities of the unit that balance.

– Make a list of furniture that needs to be moved, number of employees, existing phone lines to rearrange at the new office.

You should liquidate furniture, tables and chairs that are no longer in use to reduce the work of moving, save on moving costs and generate revenue for the company.

Handover and liquidation of old office lease contracts, internet contracts, electricity, water, wifi, mail services...

– Carry out some procedures for moving the company office such as tax declaration, change of company address, submission of business registration office documents, re-registration of information with tax authorities, etc.

In the process of dealing with customers, it is necessary to inform customers and partners in advance about preparing to move offices so that customers are not surprised.

– You need to announce the change of office address publicly to customers by email, phone, website, social networks such as Facebook, Zalo, Instagram, etc.

Ask employees to pack personal belongings. Pack important documents and other belongings neatly. Also take specific notes to avoid confusion.

Close to the moving day, you need to contact the building for permission at both the departure and arrival places to use the elevator and enter the basement at the scheduled time.

Looking for a reputable office moving company?

After you have made a plan for the office move, based on that plan, determine the necessary cost to prepare in advance. You can refer to prices from a number of full-service office moving service providers to estimate costs. Be prepared for additional costs that may be incurred to make the moving process go smoothly.

Find a professional office moving service and hire them, using a professional service is the best way to save your business time and money. For professional office moving services, they always have available labor, packaging materials, vehicles, transportation equipment and especially they will advise and plan transportation to help you to ensure fast, safe transportation. full, economical. Your job is to find a good office moving service.

When you have used the service package office move then you do not have to pack, disassemble anything, Le Phong Moving will take care of all this work. However, we recommend that customers pack their own important family items such as red book, birth certificate, marriage certificate, gold, silver, money, precious paintings...

Time office transportation will depend on the amount of furniture of each family, usually Le Phong Taxi works in 1 day for houses, many days if the office is large or the transfer time is according to the customer's wishes. We will arrange staff to work appropriately so that the transportation takes place as quickly as possible without affecting daily life.

If you use the package moving and office moving service, Le Phong Moving provides a full range of free supplies and accessories without adding to the service fee.

Le Phong Moving staff come to survey and quote the service is the right of the customer, you do not have to spend any money at this step.

In case you make an appointment to book a service, Le Phong Taxi does not require customers to deposit money, but when signed office moving contract Customers need to book in advance to ensure the rights and responsibilities of both parties. The deposit amount does not need to be too much, can be from 500k to 1000k.

The price list of package office moving services on the market is quite diverse, with many additional services. Each provider has a separate office moving service price list, maybe the same type of transport vehicle, the same road, but different providers will give a different service price.

The above information is an overview of office moving services that every customer should know to choose a quality, cheap and reliable service for their business. If you need further advice, contact us immediately.

Should you hire an office moving service?

Yes, it is highly recommended to hire an office moving service. Why?

First, Save time and effort: When you need to move your office, you have to spend time disassembling furniture, equipment, packing documents, carrying furniture to the transport vehicle, moving from one place to another. From the old office to the new office, arrange furniture in the new office, etc. You will spend a lot of time on this, especially for those who have no experience in moving offices.

As for professional office moving services, they will help you move your office quickly, neatly, and save maximum time.

– Monday, arrange and pack things scientifically and quickly: With professional, full-service office moving service providers, they always have a team of experienced staff along with disassembly and packing equipment. Specialized shipping. From there, it will help to pack your belongings as quickly as possible while ensuring that your furniture, supplies and equipment are not damaged or lost.

– Tuesday, fast, compact, safe transportation: When choosing a reputable package office moving unit, your office move will be solved quickly, neatly and quickly all problems. They will do all the work from dismantling, cleaning, packing to transporting and installing furniture in the new office.

– 4th, save costs, ensure safety: Prestigious package office moving services always have competitive prices to help customers save maximum costs while still using the most professional and complete service, don't worry about the cost. In addition, the transportation and packaging process is closed, helping to ensure the safety of all your company's belongings and assets, minimizing the damage, loss, or clear and transparent compensation.

What are the advantages of Le Phong Moving package office moving service?

Le Phong Moving Co., Ltd is currently the owner of the most prestigious and quality package office moving service in Ho Chi Minh City, this is the information you can refer to at this time.

If we talk about us, it will make you suspicious. Therefore, do not hesitate to visit the website: to see what customers who have used our service say about this service. On the website of Le Phong Moving, there are many pictures, information about units, large and small businesses in many places that trust and use our services.

Le Phong Moving is always proud to be accompanying and moving offices for customer partners such as: Lazada Vietnam, Shopee Vietnam, Yakult Vietnam, VinGroup, Prudential Vietnam, Vietjet Air, Dien Quan Media & Entertainment FPT Corporation…

Le Phong Moving has a team of employees who are very enthusiastic, dedicated and meticulous in their work. Therefore, you will not have to worry about packing, arranging, transporting missing items, as well as unfortunately being damaged during transportation.

In terms of facilities, Le Phong Moving has invested in a system of many trucks, modern facilities and equipment to best meet the needs of customers. More specifically, Le Phong Moving is proud to be the leading professional package moving company in Vietnam and has achieved the best and most prestigious brand in 2017.

We are always committed to ensuring absolute safety for your assets; Detailed and complete statistics of customers' assets before shipping; Scientific classification and marking; Check the lead clamp seal after loading and unloading the vehicle; All equipment must be carefully wrapped. Buy insurance for the property (when requested by the customer). Compensation 100% of the value of the property if something goes wrong.

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