Cardboard box for documents


Are you a business owner, storekeeper, office worker, student, student? You have a lot of documents to store and need to put together a neat corner. Or you want to move your important papers and documents to a new location. Cardboard box for documents, the main document is a great choice for you.

1. The usability of the carton for filing documents

To store files, documents, official documents or move offices, etc cartons for files is the optimal and useful packaging solution chosen by many people. Cartons have many great advantages such as:

  • Compared to the expensive price of bulky wooden crates and plastic crates, the price of cartons is much cheaper.
  • They are lightweight and compact, so they are very convenient to move, saving time and effort as well as avoiding unwanted bumps.

Cardboard box for files

The usability of cartons

Compared to you leaving the document outside, it will be difficult to distinguish, cluttered, and dusty. Then, using cartons for storage, these documents are neatly arranged to make it easier to find when needed.

Besides, the durability of the crate is extremely high so you don't need to worry about your records being damaged when not in use.

2. Characteristics of cartons for filing documents

Cardboard boxes have many different types, from different sizes to diverse designs to suit different types of utensils. In addition to the usual boxes, the removable lid cartons are also used to store documents.

Cardboard box for books, files, office documents

Features of the carton file box

This is a design with the top cover separated from the bottom part. They are also known as yin and yang cartons. Boxes will often be designed to hold files firmly and securely. As a result, important documents do not fall out in transit because often the file will be tall.

Besides, the box also has holes on both sides to fit hands for convenient carrying and moving. Because it is made of carton paper with very good bonding toughness, it is highly resistant to moisture, impact, and is especially environmentally friendly.

3. What to pay attention when ordering cartons for records?

During the ordering process cartons for files, you should pay attention to provide the following information accurately to LPM can quote the most suitable price as well as provide the most standard crates for you:

  • Box size: Length x Width x Height.
  • Quantity to order.
  • Number of paper layers: 3 layers, 5 layers, 7 layers... depending on your needs and the type of documents you need to contain.

Cardboard box for documents

Note when ordering cartons

  • Wave type: Wave A, wave B, wave C, wave E, wave BC,..
  • Color of printing paper: Yellow, white, brown, …
  • Design and print on the box.
  • Delivery time required.

4. Why should you choose LPM as a supplier of cartons for records?

If you are looking for a supplier carton box quality, come to us right away LPM. With great advantages, LPM is definitely your right choice.

4.1 Supplying high quality crates with reasonable price

With the criterion that customer satisfaction comes first, LPM always ensure to provide buyers with thick and sturdy high-quality crates, meticulous to every detail, say no to poor quality goods.

Not only that, the price is also extremely reasonable and competitive in the market. Besides, all preferential services and promotions are focused. So coming to the company, you will not have to worry about buying poor quality products with high prices!

Cardboard box for documents

LPM provides high quality filing cartons

4.2 Dedicated and dedicated staff

Choose LPM is one of the most reputable carton box suppliers today. You will be greeted by enthusiastic and attentive staff. Help you choose the size, wave type to print design, quantity, ... so that it is appropriate.

4.3 Regardless of order quantity

Whether you buy crates in small or large quantities, LPM Always friendly and attentive. We have many different pricing policies for both new and old customers as well as the number of bookings. Coming to LPM, no matter what quantity you buy, you will still enjoy many of the same preferential benefits.

Plus, LPM With a strong staff always ensure on-time delivery. The boxes are supplied with a variety of models, warranties, returns if they are wrong, etc. So choose LPM as a trusted place, you will not be disappointed.

As a pioneer in applying Japanese standard production processes on machinery lines with modern technology. LPM It will be the ideal choice when you order cartons for files, documents, .. Please contact us immediately for advice and quotation support and many attractive discounts.


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